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MILAN 2009 - Collection


These two books have inspired the name of my collection. The study of complex things being simple and visa versa has become quite a movement, with many interesting layers. My work naturally follows the concept of a simple idea with a complex out come and/or look and not until reading these did I realise. I got the Jeffrey Kluger book for 1p on Amazon, bargain!

MILAN 2009 - Collection

Purewhytes debut collection will launch at the Milan furniture fair 2009 during Salone del Mobile.

Purewhyte will be showing with Designersblock at Revel Scalo d’Isola, Via Thaon De Revel 3, 20159 Milano (Zona Isola) from 22nd to the 27th April 2009.

Drew dining table & Coat stand
The Drew Dining Table is made from a continuous piece of steel tubing, creating an intricate and intriguing table, that verges on forming an optical illusion that is visible from all angles thanks to the tempered clear glass top that the base supports.

The Drew Coat stand uses the same design language as the table, but the form has been manipulated to allow for 6 apposing hooks to be created. Both designs will be on display in Milan are fully assembled items, but a flat pack solution can also be provided upon request.

The initial concept was hand modelled from wire, with many generations created before the final shape was selected. After the solution has been finalised, a complex 3D computer model was created, and then a suitable metalwork supplier found for the production of the sample.


Table: 105 x 105 x 72cm
Coat stand: 37 x 170cm

Hound occasional tables
These small quirky occasional tables tessellate together creating larger tables. Inspired by origami folds and traditional Japanese patters, various shapes and arrangements can be formed to cater for any need, or the table can simply be used on its own.

Solid colour and also patterned options will be on display during the Milan Fair. The tables are available in 4 colours, allowing the customer to mix and match, or for them to purchase a single colour to cater for any interior.

The tables stack, allowing for easy shipment, and also easy storage within the home. The considered design allows for very little material waste. The tables are Powdercoated mild steel, sampled by Acorn Laser Newcastle, the table will also shortly be available in other materials, with plywood, and an acrylic option available in the very near future.

Dims :

50 x 50 x 48cm per table

Gordo Pendant light
Purewhyte always tries to exploit the properties of the material they are working in, pushing it and the manufactures abilities to the limit, developing processes that have not been done before.

Purewhyte is able to provide not only a design concept, but also a sound technical foundation that ensures that item can be produced. The Gordo pendant light is a prime example of this, with numerous suppliers rejecting the concept when shown the computer renderings and sketches, until a company that was willing to take up the challenge was found. This partnership was rewarded with a strikingly beautiful design.

The round ‘space age’ shape and experimental manufacture inspired the name “Gordo”, after the first monkey into space!

Currently available only in clear borosilicate glass, but Purewhyte is currently involved in developing an enamelled colour range along with Table lamp and Floor lamp version.

30 x 30 x 28cm

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