Monday, 15 June 2009

Cultural Eastenders

Everyone out in the summer sun on Sunday.
Concluding that it was far too glorious outside I left my desk to wander down Brick Lane.

A regular on Sundays is Lewis Floyd Henry myspace, he also has loads of videos on youtube, he's an awesome musician, always with a crowd of people, listening, photographing, videoing recording etc. So cool!

Then of to the annual ART CAR BOOT FAIR in the Truman brewery, it was a fascinating affordable art fair; i didn't know what was going on the whole time, but it was a visual feast all the same. The swing band was great too.

A patchwork donkey...

graffiti car...

a disco car...

I didn't buy anything, good job really as all my money had already been spent in the market by then.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Keeping Busy!

I've just started a 3 month internship at Tom Dixon's design studio, which is really exciting! I'm hoping to make contacts and see how this larger and high exposure design brand ticks.
The current office which is due to move soon.
... and of course, I'm still working on some projects for London design week in September; I've forgotten what weekends are!

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Pulse Trade Show 31st May - 2nd June.
I got a really last minute opportunity to show at this years Pulse which is a trade event, for Home, gift, fashion and jewelery, and an area called Launchpad which is there area where individuals designers/makers show their work; this is the most exciting area :)
Boy am I glad I did!

setting up in my little 1m x 3m space.
What really made all the last minute running around and effort was winning the Best Newcomer at Launchpad 2009, as judged by Liberty. It was such a fantastic surprise and brilliant to get validation among my design piers. I'm hoping from this is will now have the opportunity to work with Liberty's for London Design week in September.
Here is a list of the prize winners

My finished space; the original dining table top for Drew was a bit big for my space so had to borrow a glass top-I think I got away with it!

And then like that, with a few licks of white paint it was over. Thanks to my helpers David and Paul I couldn't have done it with out you.
I really hope getting the award is the platform to greater things...I'll keep you posted.

Valentinas Fundraiser

Prickly Pair Chairs
One of my friends that I met through showing in Milan is Valentina Glez. Wohlers ( you can read more about her chairs on the Core 77 website link).
She has been invited (as have I) to show at another international fair called Maison & Objet the is an awesome opportunity but it costs loads to show, so Valentina got a few of her buddies together for a fundraiser (great idea me thinks).
One of her chairs

Chairs at the event; which was at Lati Ri, in Shoreditch, it was a great little bar and i thought the chairs looked ace against the graffiti wall.

Guests enjoying beer and making balloon animals!

Valentina enjoying more than one complimentary tequila!

Everyone enjoying the music after the tequila!

Piers, Rory and Bud from Designersblock gave their support and cut some shapes on the dance floor.

Bud mashing it up on the desks.
Great fun idea; might have to have my own Purewhyte fundraiser soon!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Fun on the South Bank Holiday weekend

What to do on a sunny bank holiday for free?...."lets go for a walk.."
And what a walk it was!

From my flat at Tower hill to Lambeth bridge and back; 14.71 KMS! First stop as always (have a years membership so try to get my moneys worth) was the Design Museum had a wander around the Brit Insurance Design Award the off to the shop, where inevitably money was handed over and my (and my boyfriends) design book library was yet again increased, with The Independent Design Guide, by Laura Houseley.

Then onwards down the Southbank, where we stumbled across all sorts of shenanigans outside the Tate Modern .

There was a magical land created by adults in homemade outfits and other unusual attire. Which was filled with children running around from tent to tent, clutching whatever they had just made; from feather head-dresses to newspaper sticks! Brilliant! Although Paul here doesn't look too convinced.

The above images were just a few of the odd sights.

One highlight for me was this cardboard ice cream van. Selling real ice cream in cardboard cones. The ice cream van man could just pick up his vehicle and walk along the Thames path; very Eco friendly!

We then made it inside the Tate's turbine hall, where the Robert Morris "Bodyspacemotionthings' instillation is.

Adults and children alike are able to clamber over and interact with the pieces.

Great fun; the little girl in the flowery dress didn't even get a look in with the giant ball, but she still seemed pretty happy.

Others found it less enjoyable!

Then further down the Southbank to the Royal Festival Hall
where we passed some very talented fortune telling budgies; I just hope they don't get wheeled home in the suitcase!

We then went into the BFI (which has a cool bar) and we saw the current exhibition; "Radio Mania: An abandoned work" which is an amazing 3D video instillation. I recommend it if your passing.

The only problem is you have to wear these rather fetching oversizes glasses to get the effect-i think I pull them off though!

There is also a mini James Bond exhibition: the real golden gun and jaw's teeth were a particular highlight!

More walking...

Reminisced about what is was like to be care free and a cool teenager, ollies, 360's and rails those were the days (I was never that cool).

Then a much deserved rest with a packet of Doritos and a chocky bar in St. James Park. Ready to recharge our batteries to make it home.
To be honest we caught the bus home at Holborn, cheating I know!
Snacks £1.50, bus home £1, doing things for free in London; priceless!