Friday, 10 December 2010


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Since designing fulltime and launching Purewhyte in 2008 I became a member of Hidden Art; from then onwards they have been a vital supporter and source of advice and opportunities for me.

From religiously attending their monthly networking sessions, Xmas markets, Hidden Polymers program, to the Hidden Art Forums and most recently having the amazing opportunity to exhibit with them at the Milan Furniture Fair this year or just popping in for a tea and chat.

You only need to look back over this blog to see how often Hidden Art has been mentioned.

I have just received a shocking email: “…Due to the current financial climate, it is uncertain as to whether the London Development Agency will continue to fund any projects. The LDA provide 50% of our funding and have done since March 2001. Should we lose this funding and fail to find an alternative source by 17th January, Hidden Art will have to close… This would be an absolute travesty as they have been supporting Designers and Designer Makers like myself for the last 20 years.

Having Hidden Art close would be unthinkable and if you care about the future of Hidden Art, and if they have given you support or helped you in the past, please take 5 minutes to do one of the following and help our cause:

  • Tell us how Hidden Art has helped you and your business, so we have stories and quotes to back up our funding case – you can post your message on our facebook page, or on this page of our website, or via email to
  • Write about Hidden Art and the support you received on Twitter (and any other online media) using the hashtag #helphiddenart – we want the word to get round.
  • If you know of anyone that may be able to help us, whether that’s a funder or somebody in the media, let us know, and maybe facilitate an introduction. Forward this email to them or send your own email.

YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ON THEIR WEBSITE or take a look at their ’21 years of Hidden Art’ photo album to see what we’ve achieved over this time.

Please please show your support if you can, so Hidden Art can secure their London Development Agency Funding and continue their valuable work.

I know I would definitely not be in the position I am today without them and I am sure I will need their help and knowledge in the future.


Here are just a few photos of where Hidden Art has helped me:

Feb 2010 Hidden Art awards.


March 2010 Milan photography shoot organised by Hidden Art.


April 2010 the Milan Furniture Fair; happier times.


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Creative Fun!

Apart from the London Design Festival there is always something creative and interesting to visit a tube journey away.

Below are a few that I’ve visited over the last month or so; I always have my camera to hand so there are allot of photos.


This years Serpentine Pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel marks the 4oth anniversary of the of the Serpentine. Every year a temporary pavilion is commissioned, and this years is very striking.


Like a red shard of glass it cuts through the green of Hyde Park. Contrasting red and green make it so visually intriguing.


I love the warm red glow inside against the sharp contours outside.L1030791L1030794L1030796L1030797L1030798L1030803L1030805

This was the only thing worth photographing at Decorex.


I was lucky enough to go to the opening night of Superdesign, an exhibition that ran from 14th-17th October atVictoria House, London. Now in its fourth year, SUPERDESIGN is an innovative exhibition of contemporary design art.


Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.


Reverb Wire from the Apartment Gallery


Facet Moon Table by Arik Levy 2010, Designed for Mitterrand Cramer


Flamecut series by Tom Dixon


The venue from the Apartment Gallery.


Marco Dessi from Vessel Gallery


An unusual use of glass Campana Brothers for Vessel Gallery.


It was a really great space, with a broad collection of Design Art, which pulled in the design glitterati and interested passers by.


‘Thin Black Lines’ exhibition by a design favourite of mine: Nendo at the Saatchi Gallery.  As you can see in the images below the the structures/products follow the theme of outlines.


For some better images and exhibition review visit the Core77 website.


There was so much to see at the Saachi gallery three other exhibitions of note were: ‘Projectory’ the second installment of Phillips de Pury’s pop-up program. Richard Wilson’s 20:50, and below the Untitled work by John Wynne, which used 300 speakers to great effect.


On a very chilly Sunday I went to see Mid Century Modern,  at Dulwich College. The concrete 1950’s style venue, was the perfect surroundings for an eclectic mix of mid century furniture and accessories alongside carefully selected designs that will become future antiques. 


I didn’t splash out on any purchases but there were plenty of people who did.


I love the Southbank and visited Move: Choreographing You at Hayward Gallery one sunny autumn day. This exhibition is a breath of fresh air, with children and adults alike able to clamber all over, and interact with all the pieces. It runs until 9th of January 2011 so don’t miss out!


This might look like just fun…but it’s also art.


And finally…

This isn’t specifically art/design based experience but far too amazing an experience not to blog about.

For my birthday this year, a collection of my friends and myself went to BLITZ PARTY, a World War 2 themed event. From ration books to sandbags everything was perfect: with men in uniform or with handkerchiefs carefully folded in their top pockets. An women with their seemed stockings and victory curls.

An absolutely fantastic night enjoyed by all and highly recommended.


How glamorous are we, I wish everyone still dressed like this (although it would take me forever to get ready in the morning)!

That's all for now, I’m now saving my time and money for the many Xmas markets soon to be upon us.