Friday, 27 January 2012

New Look Website, New look Blog!

Happy 2012 and welcome year of the dragon!
New Kirsty Whyte Website
So this is my snazzy new look website and blog.
My new blog posts will now continue on the ‘Blog‘ bit of my website. This is so I can update you all quicker and more often.
Searching subjects is also easier, getting the ‘Google Juice’ flowing (apparently)! You can also sign up to my Newsletter, where I’ll give you a brief update every few months. Plus you can ‘Like’ and comment using your Facebook ID.
As well as the usual ‘Design’ stuff I get up to, I’ll also be posting quick photo uploads about China life; what I’ve experienced and observed. You’ll then be able to search these by ‘category’ i.e. colours,trends, accidental Chinese hipsters etc…all will be clear soon.
SO FOR ALL MY LOYAL BLOGGER FOLLOWERS, THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST VIA BLOGGER. Please sign up via my new website. All my past posts are safe and sound on there and will soon be followed by new ones.
So sit back and enjoy the visual feast of what I’ve spotted so far:

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