Friday, 14 May 2010

Hidden Art Milan 2010... the fab 5

Milan 2010 was a great show and experience, apologies for the delay in posting updates. Below is a quick bio about each designer and the work they exhibited:

Here the designers and Hidden Art team.

Rupert Goldberg and his Bounce chaise longue and Egg revolving chair. Each wooden block is individually cut and hand finished in Ruperts East London workshop; before being meticulously assembled into various products. The visitors to the stand couldn't get enough of the egg, with many getting a spin. 
Detail: inside the egg!

Patternity: Grace Winteringham (half of Patternity) with her Phase Bureau, made by experienced furniture maker Toby Winteringham. The Phase pattern used in the range explores traditional marquetry craft revisited – true to the technique, the design represents the transitions between cutting out & replacing in, combining old with new, bold with neutral. 
I think it was really refreshing to see a traditional technique using contemporary pattern and colour. Check out their website which is constantly updated with a visual feast of patterns they've sourced from the internet, photography and their own work.
 Detail: Phase pattern on central leaf.

RALLI Design:Louis Howe and Sophie Howe with their Flip Chair and Stepping Stool. They were recently featured in Homes and Property, which was much deserved after they demonstrated their products tirelessly through out the week of the show; (they must have tallied up hundreds of demos) .

Video: Louis demonstrating the multi purpose use of the Flip chair-demo number 900....! Apologies for the sideways viewing.

Purewhyte: Me standing rather nonchalantly by the Tuffet Stool, which was comprised of 3 stacking stools and a table. For impromptu socializing that can then be tidied away and used as a side table. They are a prototype made from compressed sawdust and resin, using this material a hollow shape can be cast and then be worked like timber.
Detail: The Array bowls, with fruit in before it was stolen by passers by (I know show food is expensive but really, fruit!!)

Dare Studio: Sean Dare exhibited the Katakana Desk and ChairCage Light, and Fujiya Lamps.
The company, founded by Sean Dare, champions the skills of local craftsmen and sets a benchmark for the very best in contemporary British design and manufacture.
Detail: The Katakana desk and chair in American black walnut and Buttercup yellow leather. Which was snapped up straight away by another exhibitor who loved it so much they couldn't stop stroking the desk! 

Milan was a great experience, and the Satellite had a huge selection of young designers work, I'll be posting more photos from the show soon. 

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  1. I recently got this amazing contemporary chair for working at the computer in my living room. I didn't want something that looked like a generic office chair – and it sure does look unique!