Sunday, 7 February 2010

Maison et Objet - Designers in detail

Below are a selection of my neighbours during Maison et Objet this January.
We were all part of the BEDG stand in Hall 7A as part of the NOW! Design a Vivre exhibition.
Peter Ibruegger with his rather dapper MOUSTACHE MUGS.

Nick Fraser and his newly developed FORK LIGHT.

Rebecca Chitty of Productofyourenvironment and her Alternative I love NY T-shirts.

Rachael Dormor (on the left) and her beautiful hand thrown ceramics.

Solenne Morigeaud, surface designer with her recent work Smoke and Mirrors.

Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design with her newly launched Alphabet glasses.

Chunwei Liao of Paperself Showing his Transformer furniture and exquisite paper eyelashes; I want some!

Denise O'Sullivan with a selection of her tableware creations.

Duncan and Alun of Mode with their new product Earl which was launched at this years Maison.

6 designers ranges for The New English.

5 of the recent graduates from the Ceramic Design
School at Staffordshire University
Evelyn Grant, Sarah-Louise Ceramics, Jenny Gibbs and Ipek Kotan.
Mudae London showing this amazing Butterfly Dream Wallpaper; Hand Painted Silk Screen with Silk Embroidery.

Ceramics by Lowri Davies; metal bowls and accessories by Jonathan Krawczuk of DesignedMade,ceramics by jeweller and ceramicist Julie Spurgeon, and Monica Tsang Ka Ki.

The multidisciplinary work of Andere Monjo.

And to be fair on all the other designers a photo of me grinning at my stand too, with the Warp Clocks and Limpet coat hooks.

It was a great experience to meet so many other designers; after 6 days of standing from 9-7pm, I hope many of us will remain in contact as part of my ever increasing network of professional acquaintances.


  1. Thanks Kirsty, lovely to see the pics ! Hope everything is ok.

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